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A Monster Liability: a Summary of a New Lawsuit Filed Against Monster Beverage

As readers of this blog know, I have been following the progression of events relating to contentions and investigations of Monster beverages. Not to tout my own prescient abilities, but I predicted a few months ago that news stories and regulatory investigations would result in a serious consumer class action lawsuit against the company. I […]


The right to privacy in California is a frequent topic of discussion on this blog.  Earlier this year, the Department of Justice established the Privacy Enforcement and Protection Unit which is charged with enforcing laws concerning the handling of consumer information in a wide variety of contexts including the dozens of California statutes and regulations that […]

Happy Thanksgiving from the Left Coast

Here is story of how to celebrate Thanksgiving Left Coast style:  adopt a turkey, don’t eat turkey!  Whether you adopt a turkey or enjoy a nice turkey dinner, have a great Thanksgiving.

Potential Liabilities Arising from Shipping & Handling Charges

I concluded a bifurcated trial this week in a consumer class action lawsuit and am gratified to have obtained a favorable result for a good client.  With my client’s permission, I share this information with my readers at Left Coast Law to highlight an area of potential exposure so that preventative action might be taken […]

“Poop Fines” and Similar Nonsense Coming From San Diego

I spend quite a bit of time at this blog writing about overzealous legislators in Sacramento and class action lawyers throughout the state who cooperatively work to make this beautiful state such a difficult place to do business and even live.  But let’s not forget our local government officials as well.  Although there are some notable […]

ADA Litigation Update: Desperate Measures in Yuba City

Perhaps no type of litigation surpasses the Americans With Disabilities Act in illustrating what can happen when a well-intentioned statutory scheme designed to help people is exploited by plaintiff’s lawyers.  Almost everyone is familiar with the stories of a small businesses having to shell out significant penalties and attorney fees because a wheelchair ramp was […]

Now that Proposition 39 has Been Approved, What Does this Mean for Multistate Businesses?

Our first post-election blog post is brought to us courtesy of  my friends at HMWC CPAs & Business Advisors.  The question that I asked them to address in this blog is Prop 39’s impact on mutlistate businesses. The summary is below which I commend to our readers. The amount of money a business owes the […]

Why are Californians Paying More for Gasoline: Anticompetitive Conduct or Competitive Market Dynamics?

By Alan P. Meister, Ph.D. and Douglas A. Herman, Ph.D.[1] Editor’s Note: I am pleased to post an article written especially for this blog by readers of Left Coast Law. Alan and Doug, who were kind enough to come to our recent LeftCoastLaw blog launch party, were inspired to consider some antitrust issues after reading a […]