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Happy Thanksgiving from the Left Coast

Here is story of how to celebrate Thanksgiving Left Coast style:  adopt a turkey, don’t eat turkey!  Whether you adopt a turkey or enjoy a nice turkey dinner, have a great Thanksgiving.

Potential Liabilities Arising from Shipping & Handling Charges

I concluded a bifurcated trial this week in a consumer class action lawsuit and am gratified to have obtained a favorable result for a good client.  With my client’s permission, I share this information with my readers at Left Coast Law to highlight an area of potential exposure so that preventative action might be taken […]

“Poop Fines” and Similar Nonsense Coming From San Diego

I spend quite a bit of time at this blog writing about overzealous legislators in Sacramento and class action lawyers throughout the state who cooperatively work to make this beautiful state such a difficult place to do business and even live.  But let’s not forget our local government officials as well.  Although there are some notable […]

ADA Litigation Update: Desperate Measures in Yuba City

Perhaps no type of litigation surpasses the Americans With Disabilities Act in illustrating what can happen when a well-intentioned statutory scheme designed to help people is exploited by plaintiff’s lawyers.  Almost everyone is familiar with the stories of a small businesses having to shell out significant penalties and attorney fees because a wheelchair ramp was […]

Now that Proposition 39 has Been Approved, What Does this Mean for Multistate Businesses?

Our first post-election blog post is brought to us courtesy of  my friends at HMWC CPAs & Business Advisors.  The question that I asked them to address in this blog is Prop 39’s impact on mutlistate businesses. The summary is below which I commend to our readers. The amount of money a business owes the […]