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Governors Continue to Court Business to Move Out of California

The Orange County register has an interesting article today about a different type of political campaign–governors’ campaigns targeted at California businesses (particularly in my home base of Orange County), wooing them to their states.  And these governors have plenty to talk about with respect to their states’ comparatively business friendly environment.  Here is a key […]

California–the Appropriate Forum for Residents of Maine?

In reviewing the new case filings yesterday, I saw a case that caught my eye.  The lawsuit was filed by the Cartwright Firm in San Francisco against Hyundai Motor America.  The case is an Unfair Competition Law (“UCL”) class action relating to allegedly inaccurate advertisements regarding fuel efficiency numbers in violation of EPA regulations.  The usual […]

Floodgates of Litigation: The California Experience

There is a fascinating discussion taking place online relating to the metaphor and accompanying arguments of “floodgates of litigation” or some close variation of the phrase.  It is not uncommon for lawyers, including those of us who regularly defend against class action lawsuits and consumer legal remedy claims, to urge a court to adopt a narrow and […]

Friday Round Up From the Left Coast

As we go into the weekend, here are a few tidbits of news and some craziness from the Left Coast: A member of Berkley City Council suggests that an e-mail tax might be a good way to raise money for the stuggling U.S. Postal service.  The story is here. The LA Times reports that California’s […]