Archives for May 2013

That Didn’t Take Long: California Organization First to File Lawsuit Against IRS on Audit Scandal

CNN is reporting that a California group leads the way in suing the IRS over the recent audit practices focusing on conservative groups: A Northern California tea party group filed the first lawsuit against the U.S. government stemming from the Internal Revenue Service targeting of conservative groups for more scrutiny as they applied for tax-exempt […]

Class Actions UP; Costs of Class Actions DOWN

Corporate Counsel has a good piece (subscription required) on the recent rise in class action lawsuits over the past two years but the curious reduction in the costs of defending class actions during that same period of time.  The focus of the article is a 2013 Carlton Fields Class Action survey.  The key quote includes […]

Barriers to Consumer Choice and Market Entry Hurt the Economy and Consumers

Once in a great while at this blog, I write about other state legislatures doing something a bit crazy.  This is such a post and posits this question:  Why should any resident in any state be prohibited from buying a car directly from the manufacturer in another state?  I can think of no compelling reason […]