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Floodgates of Litigation: The California Experience

There is a fascinating discussion taking place online relating to the metaphor and accompanying arguments of “floodgates of litigation” or some close variation of the phrase.  It is not uncommon for lawyers, including those of us who regularly defend against class action lawsuits and consumer legal remedy claims, to urge a court to adopt a narrow and […]

Friday Round Up From the Left Coast

As we go into the weekend, here are a few tidbits of news and some craziness from the Left Coast: A member of Berkley City Council suggests that an e-mail tax might be a good way to raise money for the stuggling U.S. Postal service.  The story is here. The LA Times reports that California’s […]

California Legislation Introduced to Ban Plastic Shopping Bags

It is often said–and accurately so–that what begins in California frequently spreads to other states, whether cuisine, fashion or legal trends.  But to understand how the seeds of legal change are germinated even before coming to fruition in Sacramento, one must look to the city council halls of a few key California metropolitan area where […]

Recognizing Risks Arising from Invasion of Privacy Claims in the Workplace

Kent Schmidt and Jessica Linehan One of the most significant liabilities that a company in California faces relates to claims that it has invaded an individual’s privacy rights.  While many claims are brought by consumers, a significant number of claims are filed every day by employees.  It is prudent to consider employee privacy concerns. As […]

McDonalds Sued in McPlayland ADA Accommodation Lawsuit

Americans with Disability Act cases are a frequent topic of discussion on this blog.  As a regular reader of new case filings, I have noticed an up tick in the number of rather creative ADA claims that are unlike the typical case challenging the height of counters or width of bathroom stalls.  This new lawsuit […]