A Quick Summary of New Changes to California Law

Our friends at Legsilative Intent Service (a great resource for digging deep into the history of California legislation) have recently published their list of changes to California law coming in 2015.  These legislative changes are, to one degree or another, of interest to California businesses.  Here is a link.

As one might expect, there is some good stuff in here along with some ill-advised legislative changes.  Then there is the “Only in California” stuff–laws that only the folks in Sacramento would think up.  Here are a few of my “Crazy California” favorites:

  • Someone thinks that it is vital that Californai law be clarified regarding informed consent for people engaging in space flight.  See SB 415 (Knight).
  • Sorry folks, no more beer coupons.  See AB 1928 (Bocanegra).
  • Of course California loves its product labels and there are new requirements for labels on upholstered furnture.  See SB 1019 (Leno).

In addition to these outliers, there are a number of bills that, depending on one’s business model and practices, may be of interest.  I will be writing a few posts on a few of the more signficant bills in the next few weeks.