Archives for February 2020

The Risk of Consumer Class Actions for Recurring Credit Card Charges

Is Your Company Complying with California’s Automatic Purchase Renewal Law? Have you ever reviewed your credit card statements and noticed a charge appearing each month that you do not recognize? An internal investigation of all members of the household is launched in an effort to figure out who, if anyone, authorized these charges. Likely suspects […]

California Supreme Court Rules that Employees Must be Paid During Mandatory Security Searches

Blogger’s Note: My colleagues, Gabrielle Wirth, Jessica Linehan, Pavlina Rafter and Nisha Verma report on a key decision from the California Supreme Court this past week relating to calculation of wages.   Employees must be paid for time spent on their employer’s premises waiting for, and undergoing, required searches of bags and other property voluntarily […]

The Coming Wave of California Consumer Privacy Act Lawsuits

Robert Cattanach and Kent Schmidt Since the beginning of the year, industry leaders and counsel advising clients on data security issues have held their collective breath in anticipation of the tsunami of California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) lawsuits. The CPPA, ballyhooed over the past few years as the next big thing in consumer litigation, is […]