California Supreme Court Rules that Employees Must be Paid During Mandatory Security Searches

Blogger’s Note: My colleagues, Gabrielle Wirth, Jessica Linehan, Pavlina Rafter and Nisha Verma report on a key decision from the California Supreme Court this past week relating to calculation of wages.   Employees must be paid for time spent on their employer’s premises waiting for, and undergoing, required searches of bags and other property voluntarily […]

The Coming Wave of California Consumer Privacy Act Lawsuits

Robert Cattanach and Kent Schmidt Since the beginning of the year, industry leaders and counsel advising clients on data security issues have held their collective breath in anticipation of the tsunami of California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) lawsuits. The CPPA, ballyhooed over the past few years as the next big thing in consumer litigation, is […]

Video Presentation: Dangerous Coffee, Herbicides for Breakfast, and More: Welcome to Food Court

I recently joined my partner, Chip Magid, to present at Dorsey’s Annual Food Risk Summit.  The video presentation, including the PowerPoint, is posted below.  Dangerous Coffee, Herbicides for Breakfast, and More: Welcome to Food Court “Warning: Your Coffee Could Kill You.”  California, the notorious quagmire of regulations, brings you Proposition 65, which has morphed into […]

California Governor Signs Spate of #MeToo Bills Into Law

The following update was prepared by my Labor & Employment colleagues, Gabrielle Wirth, Jessica Linehan, Nisha Verma and Pavlina Rafter. In his last bill signing of his final term, Governor Jerry Brown signed into law several bills affecting employers’ obligations relating to sexual harassment.  Those imposing the most sweeping changes are described briefly below. Nondisclosure […]

WARNING: The Prop 65 Transition Period is Over!

The following article was sent as an e-update on 8/30/2018 and was authored by Kirk Schuler with contributions from Kent Schmidt, Mark Kaster, Alexandra Krasovec. On August 30, 2018, new “Proposition 65” regulations went into effect drastically changing the way businesses must operate in California to comply with the state’s Safe Drinking Water and Toxic […]

A New California Class Action Targeting Ivanka Trump’s Fashion Line Tests the Limits of California’s Unfair Competition Law

California class actions never let us down. If there is a story or controversy that has cable news abuzz or involves new cutting-edge technology, it won’t take long for class action lawyers to think of ways to try to cobble together an ascertainable class of similarly-situated consumers or competitors that might plausibly assert a claim. If […]

California Prepares to Battle Washington, the Hiring of Eric Holder by the California Legislature

As the countdown to the inauguration of President-Elect Donald Trump continues, the battle lines between the Left Coast and Washington D.C. are taking further form, with some surprising new twists. In a move that signals just how serious California lawmakers are about fighting changes promised by the new Trump Administration, California has hired former Attorney […]

Naturally Misleading? Ninth Circuit Keeps “All Natural” Fruit Labeling Dispute Alive

Guest Post by Robert Lee, Dorsey & Whitney Does a food label advertising a product as “all natural fruit” mislead consumers when that product contains artificial preservatives? That is the question presented in Brazil v. Dole Food Co. Inc., which the Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit answered with a definitive “maybe.”   The Court […]