About Schmidt

AboutSchmidtWith apologies to Jack Nicholson, here are a few words About Schmidt.  No, not the retired actuary, the lawyer/blogger.

Every attorney worth his or her salt has an online curriculum vitae—a few key facts, more than a few pufferies, perhaps taking credit for cases that they may or may not have worked on a decade ago, and the like.  I have one as well if you’re interested.  But a CV does not often answer the most important question: beyond what you do, what really drives you in your professional pursuits?  Here is my answer.

For well over a decade, I have done one thing professionally which is working for one terrific law firm litigating every conceivable type of case in one jurisdiction which is California.  I know the judges both good and bad, our bizarre rules and procedures ranging from antiquated demurrers to innovative anti-SLAPP motions.  Those rules, which are generally pro plaintiff and anti-defense, create tricks and the traps for the unwary.  Depending on your objective, I can litigate on a tight budget or, if called for under the circumstances, mount a D-Day like offensive coordinating the work of a battalion of associates.

I have been happily married to Jen twenty-five years. We have three terrific kids who are all in college or grad school.  When I’m not lawyering or blogging here, I enjoy swimming, cycling, an occasional triathlon here and there, and following politics and current events. Thanks for visiting this blog.

A few scenes of the very talented Jack Nicholson from this terrific movie.