McDonalds Sued in McPlayland ADA Accommodation Lawsuit

Americans with Disability Act cases are a frequent topic of discussion on this blog.  As a regular reader of new case filings, I have noticed an up tick in the number of rather creative ADA claims that are unlike the typical case challenging the height of counters or width of bathroom stalls.  This new lawsuit […]

ADA Litigation Update: Desperate Measures in Yuba City

Perhaps no type of litigation surpasses the Americans With Disabilities Act in illustrating what can happen when a well-intentioned statutory scheme designed to help people is exploited by plaintiff’s lawyers.  Almost everyone is familiar with the stories of a small businesses having to shell out significant penalties and attorney fees because a wheelchair ramp was […]

Segwaying to New Frontiers of Accommodations Under the ADA

The Ninth Circuit has recently held that Disneyland must consider whether to allow disabled persons who prefer to do so use a Segway rather than a wheelchair. Baughman v. Walt Disney World Company, (Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal Case No. 10-55792) Justice Alex Kozinski, wrote the opinion which reversed and remanded an order granting summary judgment […]

The Inaugural Post–What Are the Greatest Risks?

Consistent with the purpose of this blog, it is appropriate that the first post list the Top Ten litigation liabilities for California businesses. Knowing your company’s risks is the first step to avoiding senseless and costly litigation.  Based on the past several years of monitoring new case filings and defending companies in every conceivable type […]