The Coming Wave of California Consumer Privacy Act Lawsuits

Robert Cattanach and Kent Schmidt Since the beginning of the year, industry leaders and counsel advising clients on data security issues have held their collective breath in anticipation of the tsunami of California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) lawsuits. The CPPA, ballyhooed over the past few years as the next big thing in consumer litigation, is […]

California Privacy Laws Change: Identity Theft Prevention and Mitigation Services

LCL Introduction:  My partner, Melissa Krasnow, has written the following article on new legislation which will become law on January 1, 2015. In addition to this article on breach notification, I highly recommend reviewing the newly issued California Data Breach Report issued this month by our Attorney General which is available here.  Attorney General Harris reports […]

Do You Collect Californian’s Personally Identifiable Information (PII) on Your Website?

Effective January 1, companies in California and around the world must be aware of new liabilities that relate to online privacy protections including practices relating to storing personally identfiable information.  If your company operates a website, it’s a good time to review the privacy disclosures that are posted. The new law is AB370, is an […]

Recognizing Risks Arising from Invasion of Privacy Claims in the Workplace

Kent Schmidt and Jessica Linehan One of the most significant liabilities that a company in California faces relates to claims that it has invaded an individual’s privacy rights.  While many claims are brought by consumers, a significant number of claims are filed every day by employees.  It is prudent to consider employee privacy concerns. As […]


The right to privacy in California is a frequent topic of discussion on this blog.  Earlier this year, the Department of Justice established the Privacy Enforcement and Protection Unit which is charged with enforcing laws concerning the handling of consumer information in a wide variety of contexts including the dozens of California statutes and regulations that […]

A Primer on California Privacy Law: How Things Are Different in the Golden State

The storage, protection and use of personal data presents significant regulatory and litigation risks for any business. In our Information Age, the sheer volume and varied uses and abuses of data grows exponentially. Companies must recognize not only the potential upside to their treasure trove of data but corresponding litigation and regulatory risks that accompany […]

This Just In (Via @JerryBrownGov)–Social Media Privacy Rules Are Coming to California

 The LA Times is reporting this evening that Governor Brown has signed two bills that prohibit universities and employers from requesting social media accounts.  The Governor quite appropriately made the announcement via his Twitter account ( Gov. Jerry Brown has signed twin bills prohibiting universities and employers from requiring that applicants give up their email […]