Video Presentation: Dangerous Coffee, Herbicides for Breakfast, and More: Welcome to Food Court

I recently joined my partner, Chip Magid, to present at Dorsey’s Annual Food Risk Summit.  The video presentation, including the PowerPoint, is posted below.  Dangerous Coffee, Herbicides for Breakfast, and More: Welcome to Food Court “Warning: Your Coffee Could Kill You.”  California, the notorious quagmire of regulations, brings you Proposition 65, which has morphed into […]

What is Prop 65?—The Michael Scott Explanation

The Short Answer Here is the Michael Scott Explanation of Prop 65 is as follows.  Prop 65 is a labeling law enacted in 1986 by a proposition put to the voters.  The law does not require anything other than that companies warn consumers of exposures to a number of chemicals and carcinogens which have been […]

The Cup of Coffee You’re About to Enjoy May Cause Cancer–So Says California: The Coffee Industry Response to Prop 65

If you have recently visited your neighborhood Starbucks or other favorite coffee shop, you may have noticed a sign that looks like this one that I snapped while standing in line at my neighborhood. What is this all about?  Should you stop drinking coffee?  This is the latest in the series of misuses of the […]

The Inaugural Post–What Are the Greatest Risks?

Consistent with the purpose of this blog, it is appropriate that the first post list the Top Ten litigation liabilities for California businesses. Knowing your company’s risks is the first step to avoiding senseless and costly litigation.  Based on the past several years of monitoring new case filings and defending companies in every conceivable type […]