The Cup of Coffee You’re About to Enjoy May Cause Cancer–So Says California: The Coffee Industry Response to Prop 65

If you have recently visited your neighborhood Starbucks or other favorite coffee shop, you may have noticed a sign that looks like this one that I snapped while standing in line at my neighborhood.


What is this all about?  Should you stop drinking coffee?  This is the latest in the series of misuses of the well-intentioned but severely misguided law known as Prop 65.  The coffee industry has generally responded with skepticism at the claims but several have conceded and placed signs like these at retail outlets that sell coffee.  Roast Magazine provides a great summary of the issue, debunking the theories that purportedly support these lawsuit.  Like many Prop 65 lawsuits, the “half and half” that goes into this theory is 50% shake down and 50% junk science.